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In reply to- "To my faraway damsel; that is you"

All about Intuition

Amongst the ocean of your dreams: why am I chosen as your cream? Is it that I possess a beauty or your eyes which is blindfolded.

I indict you for this; Cause your feelings are not true. you are inebriated by my superficial art. Don't act Rash As life is not a Flash.

For you will be balanced with Adam who was once a hero on "Heavenly Earth". I am not telling you that his damsel(Eve) destroyed him: "Brought Death into the World and all our Woe"

But I am Projecting their Love; which became the root cause for their Destitution. Initially your intuition is urging you to write eulogy for  me. later you will be charging yourself for writing it.

Collection of Pristine environment: Feel it you will love it

Culture and Identity in Globalizing World

The Minister of Home Affairs and Ambassador of India in Bhutan visits Sherubtse college
His Excellency, Lynpo Minjur Dorji and Honorable Dr. Pavan K.Verma and his family visited Sherubtse College on 13’Th May, 2010.Lecturers and students of the college warmly received them. The Agenda of their meeting was “Culture and Identity in globalizing World”. The session was held with the address from the Lynpo.In his delivery he reflected the bilateral relationship between two countries –India and Bhutan. “Relation between two countries dates back from Guru padmasambhava period”, said Lynpo addressing to the gathering in college auditorium. Later on with the visit of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on horseback in 1978 build the relation more trustworthy and honest. Lynpo even stated that the testimony to the unique and unparallel friendship had mutual beneficial to each other. Starting from First five year plan till tenth five year plan, India has been helping and she assisted with 100 billion for tent…
She  was special.
She was as soft and graceful as a Fairy mother
yet as strong and courageous
as a grizzly bear.
Her heart was large enough to hold
my pain and joy.
Her hands were always gentle and soothing.
Her arms were always warm and tender.
She works hard to make a
home feel like Home sweet home,
and strives to make life pleasant
and comfortable.
She never fails to go that extra mile to
make the holidays happy and memorable.
Her job was the most difficult and
demanding ever known to any human being,
yet she was fully dedicated to the task.
She was always there for me
guiding and keeping me safe from harm.
She owns a magical way to raise
spirits and make everything feel better.
Her sympathy, unselfishness
and forgiveness were unending.
All that anyone is or could ever hope to be
can be attributed to a mother.

She instills the teachings
that’s last a lifetime.
She sows the seeds of virtue and morality,
and in the process, she opens up love.
She always watches and hopes that
my goal…

Her Last Call and My Last wish

Her Last Call and My Last Wish
“Kuenzang! Call from your mother.” “Again” said Kuenzang; with an eagerness in her eyes and excitement in her voice. “Yes, what is happening with you, you have been calling me for last thirteen times,” said Kuenzang with a joyful voice. They just laughed and had a blissful moment. “Okey stop now” said mother with a giggling voice. “Had your dinner?” she asked. “No I just skip dinner,” said Kuenzang with a stretching voice. “oy! Lazy girl you will surely get ulcer. It is my earnest request to eat food on time and Ya! Work hard to make your dream come true.”  “Do not worry I will do that. By the way, when are you all coming to celebrate silver jubilee of your married life?” asked Kuenzang.
“It is a surprise my dear daughter.”  And she just put off the phone. Kuenzang  the only daughter in the family was so excited to attend that occasion. She went for a shopping. Firstly, she entered in a shoe center and bought a gorgeous mule and from a boutique she bought …