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Her Last Call and My Last wish

Her Last Call and My Last Wish

“Kuenzang! Call from your mother.” “Again” said Kuenzang; with an eagerness in her eyes and excitement in her voice. “Yes, what is happening with you, you have been calling me for last thirteen times,” said Kuenzang with a joyful voice. They just laughed and had a blissful moment. “Okey stop now” said mother with a giggling voice. “Had your dinner?” she asked. “No I just skip dinner,” said Kuenzang with a stretching voice. “oy! Lazy girl you will surely get ulcer. It is my earnest request to eat food on time and Ya! Work hard to make your dream come true.”  “Do not worry I will do that. By the way, when are you all coming to celebrate silver jubilee of your married life?” asked Kuenzang.

“It is a surprise my dear daughter.”  And she just put off the phone. Kuenzang  the only daughter in the family was so excited to attend that occasion. She went for a shopping. Firstly, she entered in a shoe center and bought a gorgeous mule and from a boutique she bought a kira, which was made up of pure silk; marvelously embroided with flowers, eight lucky signs and with that she bought a matching tego and wongue. Buying a gift for her parents suddenly came into her mind. She was in impasse to buy them a reading glass or prayer beads. Later she made up her mind to buy a supporting stick since she thought that they would need in their near future.

 After a heavy shopping, she was so tried and she asked for a proxy in evening pray. She felt asleep as soon as she dropped her head on a pillow. That night she had a bad dream and her sleep left her within no time. In the middle of the night, she made a call to her father. Hearing his voice, she was relaxed but then somewhere in her heart there was a fear for something, which had no idea about it.

Her day in the college was so gloomy and gray and she was not being interactive as she used to do. Her friends were left wondered when her uncle came to get her. Kuenzang was surprised to see her uncle karma; “What made you to come here?” asked Kuenzang.  “Faster I will tell you in the car.” Said uncle karma.  “No, you have to tell me otherwise I am not going to move one step ahead also.” Said in a stammering voice. “okey,  then listen” uncle just threw her hand and said that her father is seriously injured and her mother……. “We will just know when we reach there at Mongar Hospital.” Said uncle karma. He just consoled her until they reached Mongar Hospital.
 Kuenzang was so pale, cold and numb for some moment when they entered the hospital.  Her father was waiting for her with a guilty look.  “Sorry Kuenzang, it was my fault, but you do not worry because I will try to be good father and mother for you all.”  Kuenzang knew her mother left them, and she accepted it since ‘living and dying’ is a part of life though it is hard for her to accept the fact. 

After a month, she came to join regular classes.  Kuenzang  was different from before; she was totally changed from her appearance and attitude to her personality.  She never mingled any more with her friends, indeed she opted to stay in a secluded environment.  One day, when she was browsing current news, she came through the headlines ‘Fatality at Namling Brak – 04/08/2009.’  Moment she saw that, there was outburst of tears.

One fine day, her brother Tshetrim called her telling about the condition of their father.  “Sister, father has become alcoholic and he is not going to his offices regularly”, cried Tshetrim.  Kuenzang made her mind to leave her college, stay back at home, and look after her family.  She just went to seek some suggestions from counselor.  “There is just four months for you to graduate, do you think you can look after them without any proper qualification,” Said counselor with a persuasive and influencing words.

Kuenzang made her heart strong and determined to tackle the very difficult situation.  Her father called her and asked to suggest her about having step wife.  She was in great dilemma whether to accept it or not.  Therefore, she just said that, “I need time and apa think twice and take time to do anything.”  Father’s commitment towards her late mother was now fading away, thought Kuenzang; as she lit some butter lamps and chanted ‘Baza Guru’ in memory of her late mother.

Next morning, her English lecturer was on leave and she went to check mail.  Her father had sent her mail whereby she read…..

Dear Kuenzang,

I know how much you take care of your apa.  I will always prove to be good father.  You should understand how I am struggling here.  I am having sleepless night and worried about you all.

It is very hard for me to handle the household chores and office work together.  So, uncle Tshering has decided to keep his wife and his son at our place.  He wants to practice dharma, since his last thirteen years was engaged in mundane routines.  He wants to go for a retreat in  Taktshang.  He is requesting me to marry his wife and he is going to perform rituals for our well-being.

I do not mean to marry instantly; I am observing their characters, intentions and noting their opinion.  Anyway, we will further discuss during your winter vacation.

With love,

Soon, the date for winter vacation approached.  All students booked their tickets with eagerness and happiness.  However, Kuenzang was not at all excited to go home.  She just wished to topple down from the bus.  Finally, her wish came true when their bus met an accident with a truck and toppled down until the end of a cliff.

Thrinley wangmo


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  2. Oh so sad a story!! Kuenzang died in the accident? Did the marriage take place? Was it for a good intention? I liked it though sad....keep are a good writer thrinlex...


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