Thursday, September 8, 2011

In reply to- "To my faraway damsel; that is you"

All about Intuition

Amongst the ocean of your dreams:
why am I chosen as your cream?
Is it that I possess a beauty
or your eyes which is blindfolded.

I indict you for this;
Cause your feelings are not true.
you are inebriated by my superficial art.
Don't act Rash
As life is not a Flash.

For you will be balanced with Adam
who was once a hero on "Heavenly Earth".
I am not telling you that his damsel(Eve) destroyed him:
"Brought Death into the World and all our Woe"

But I am Projecting their Love;
which became the root cause for their Destitution.
Initially your intuition is urging you to write eulogy for  me.
later you will be charging yourself for writing it.


  1. kuen Zang... this is in reply to your yesterday's poem. hope you will enjoy.

  2. thank you BUNU. how are you dear? what are you planing to do now. zai life outside college is hard ni.

  3. oh my God..wonderful....wonderful..:)