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Ajahn jayasaro

Faith in GOD and also to Our Inherent Quality Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro came up with a concept of Buddhist teaching called “hurrying slowly”; last Saturday in Youth Development Fund hall.
He related the concept with a tale of a man from a country side; that was carrying a cart load of coconut to the market. He asked a young boy about the fastest and the most convenient road to the market. The lad said that if you go slowly you will get their by half an hour; if you hurry, it will take an hour. He felt it nonsense and set of his cart down the road.
The number of potholes on the road overturned his cart and had to collect all the coconuts and put them on his wagon. To reach to the market he took an hour whereas, other cart; who moved slowly took them only half an hour.
His eminent said that in real life this makes sense as Buddhism also talks about “Middle way”. “Middle way is not always the straight way, it is sometimes tortuous,” he said.“To reach to the destination one should follow that w…