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Happy and safe but polluted and sadBy Thinley Wangmo | 09 November 2012 Photo courtesy: Tashi Tshering, WWF Bhutan The Lunana Community is without any doubt happy, and hugely relieved that the imminent and immediate danger to their settlement is contained many thanks to the project which lowered the levels of the Thorthormi and Rapsthreng Lake. Be that as it may, the community, in the aftermath is however in gripes with the polluted and unkempt environment left behind as residue of works undertaken by men, machine, animals and temporary campsites. The highlanders are unhappy to see their pristine and virgin landscapes turned into a ramshackle ghost terrain. Lunana Gup Gyenpo Tshering said that the project has immensely saved the nation from Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) calamities, but it polluted the gewog and left the paved path and wooden bridges in poor conditions. He said villagers are unaware of the cleanliness so they are more concerned about limited tsamdro which is insu…
Silver Jubilant on my Birthday It’s just an anecdote to mark my Birthday. I didn’t realize that I was 25 on 25th September, silver jubilant this year. I should have thrown a huge party for that but I never realized that. It happens with me in my every birthday. Silver jubilee and I didn’t realize to celebrate with a huge blast. However I enjoyed with my two lovely friends with a red wine. Indeed it was a wonderful one with lots of hilarious talk and at times nasty also.
Simply Me
I am 25 but I still crave to be with my Dad. Snooze even if clock strikes till 12 noon Again experience those Nocturnal wanderings.
But I am 25 and no more like yesterday Mom’s lap would be replaced by pillow Her lullaby replaced by collections in my cell phone.
Now I am 25, my lap is for my little niece My dweeb Shoulder is for my siblings. I am a crying shoulder for them, now.
25 now, but still rags my brain for answers Is that hard to hear or not at all existing? Or am I just wandering.
I think too much on repercussions …
Was he really a Socialist Beggar?
After submitting my article for that day, my editor was quite impressed; not with my story but with a newly found socialist beggar. Therefore he wanted me to get some additional information and submit it again so that it can go as feature story after our launch.

Every nook and corner of Thimphu town I couldn’t meet that man and finally decided to change my story and got hold of another beggar who was known as radio man.
Hoary Radio man was a gaga who changes his talks within a second and was contrast from Ap Dorji.  Getting an interview was just like getting an appointment from the high officials. At times he gives me a hope to get an interview but in the mid he becomes gross.
I was not at all sure what he was talking and in the middle of his talk he would demand for snacks, drinks and many more.
Having all this, he demanded for around 100 bugs from me or else at he refused to give interview. I was helpless as I was also broke and was still a parasite to …
Khoma has the goods but yearns for the infrastructure… And the tourists who will enhance their trade and livelihood Lhuentse known for its intricately woven Kishutharas craves for tourism facilities to promote the trade as it is the dzongkhag’s one of the more potential means to a better livelihood. The lack of proper infrastructure such as resorts, proper home stay and other lodging means however hold back the number of tourists in the region. Tour operators say that the few tourist who visit Lhuentse Dzongkhag; particularly in Khoma gewog had to do day excursions or pitch tent and halt their night. Lhuentse community nonetheless is quite optimistic to have standard resorts like other dzongkhags and attract more tourists. In a positive turn to it, the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) has given packages to all the tour operators and aims for a regional balance in the country. “Accessibility should be there and domestic air services would have balanced development,” said the TCB Media …
A Socialist Beggar This article was written long time back when we were send for mock reporting during the Journalism course from the media house I am working today. A loner and a chronic bachelor, Dorji, 84-year- old is originally from Lingzhi.  Wearing a green check gho, with a blue coat stays near the main traffic of Thimphu city begging for money with some good motive. It was astonishing for me to know that the amount collected after staying in heat for a longer duration would be contributed in Lhakhangs and guendeys. It was awe for me to give him Nu 5 only. Hence I added twenty more as a contribution for his splendid deed. As pedestrian adds some money on his Khadim shoe cartoon box, he smiles and thanks them with a prostrating posture. Begging has become his way of life. “Aftermath  of begging; surviving on others hard earned money might have bad repercussion, therefore, I contribute most of the amount collected for religious ceremony in Phajoding,” he said. He visits Phajoding once…

Uncle Polio

I call him Uncle Polio
Under the sweltering sun and dust, he was toiling and was yearning for someone to give him small pie of their share.  Early morning crawling through Phuentsholing gate and staying near the pan shop for hours and hours was his way of life. Although in that busy place, people hardly recognize him and gave small portion of their share. Yet he aspires that someone will give him something that can make his day. I was seven when I saw him for the first time toiling in heat and in heavy monsoon. With my ‘Innocent Eye’ it was heart aching sight for me to see old pathetic man struggling for his survival. Despite of all these bugging list of problems still his eye was a curtain with hopes and inspiration hiding the tears behind. It was an awe-inspiring as his fragile hands were acting as his strong leg which stands in the crowd and helps to reach his destination. His palm was so rough even though he wears Bata slipper which was stitched from all the sides. I still remember hi…
Hands to Create Should be Used
When I was in high school, I had a teacher who said that “hill people are lazy”. Maybe he did not mean to say we did not work. Maybe he meant the phrase for our attitude towards work. For him, the social work in Bhutanese schools was unproductive work as students lacked dignity of labor. As most philosophers have said, life is what we make of it. And the Bhutanese youth with dreams of making it big in the world, driving Chevrolets (by the way do we have one in Bhutan? Enlighten me), and ordering others around while sitting crosslegged on cozy armchairs does not help. At the moment, the government is into solving the unemployment problem but youth are still not willing to take up blue-collared jobs at hand. The labor ministry has a goal to achieve unemployment rate of 2.5% or less by the end of the 10th Five Year Plan. Today, it is providing youth many training courses which in other countries would be in great demand because they are provided fre…