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Uncle Polio

I call him Uncle Polio
Under the sweltering sun and dust, he was toiling and was yearning for someone to give him small pie of their share.  Early morning crawling through Phuentsholing gate and staying near the pan shop for hours and hours was his way of life. Although in that busy place, people hardly recognize him and gave small portion of their share. Yet he aspires that someone will give him something that can make his day. I was seven when I saw him for the first time toiling in heat and in heavy monsoon. With my ‘Innocent Eye’ it was heart aching sight for me to see old pathetic man struggling for his survival. Despite of all these bugging list of problems still his eye was a curtain with hopes and inspiration hiding the tears behind. It was an awe-inspiring as his fragile hands were acting as his strong leg which stands in the crowd and helps to reach his destination. His palm was so rough even though he wears Bata slipper which was stitched from all the sides. I still remember hi…