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Silver Jubilant on my Birthday
It’s just an anecdote to mark my Birthday. I didn’t realize that I was 25 on 25th September, silver jubilant this year. I should have thrown a huge party for that but I never realized that. It happens with me in my every birthday.
Silver jubilee and I didn’t realize to celebrate with a huge blast. However I enjoyed with my two lovely friends with a red wine. Indeed it was a wonderful one with lots of hilarious talk and at times nasty also.

Simply Me

I am 25 but I still crave to be with my Dad.
Snooze even if clock strikes till 12 noon
Again experience those Nocturnal wanderings.

But I am 25 and no more like yesterday
Mom’s lap would be replaced by pillow
Her lullaby replaced by collections in my cell phone.

Now I am 25, my lap is for my little niece
My dweeb Shoulder is for my siblings.
I am a crying shoulder for them, now.

25 now, but still rags my brain for answers
Is that hard to hear or not at all existing?
Or am I just wandering.

I think too much on repercussions
It’s been 25 years but still not sure about it.
Till date there is always an opposite of what I did?

To whom I truly love them
They are the sheer back-stabber
Now I am silver jubilant so I will say

They didn’t need to cut me off
I didn’t even need their love
Now they are just somebody that I used to know.

I am 25 and I am not living that way
I learned to be tactful
Now I am more mature and responsible woman.

Now don’t lure me as true feelings exist only in dreams.
I am 25 and knew the reality
It is no more a fairy tale.

To those who loves me for now
I plea to remain the same forever and
Be happily Ever After.


  1. Hi Thinley,

    Once again, I wish you all the happiness in this world. May you live long and contended life.

    Hitting 25 do not only mean you are year older than the last but also mean that you are 365 times more wiser. I am happy to know that you have replaced the irreplaceable one in your life and happy indeed to know that you have become a crying shoulder for your little brother and equally little sister. Your father must have felt the joy of your 25! that just come once in your lifetime.

    till then have a nice day...


  2. hey dear i am so sorry ...i couldn't make up for the red wine party :P....anyways belated happy birthday dear...
    hope you had great birthday ....


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