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Was he really a Socialist Beggar?

After submitting my article for that day, my editor was quite impressed; not with my story but with a newly found socialist beggar. Therefore he wanted me to get some additional information and submit it again so that it can go as feature story after our launch.

Every nook and corner of Thimphu town I couldn’t meet that man and finally decided to change my story and got hold of another beggar who was known as radio man.

Hoary Radio man was a gaga who changes his talks within a second and was contrast from Ap Dorji.  Getting an interview was just like getting an appointment from the high officials. At times he gives me a hope to get an interview but in the mid he becomes gross.

I was not at all sure what he was talking and in the middle of his talk he would demand for snacks, drinks and many more.

Having all this, he demanded for around 100 bugs from me or else at he refused to give interview. I was helpless as I was also broke and was still a parasite to my parents and was staying with my aunt.

“Give me money or else I am not giving interview,” he said. Above all it was quite shocking saying that he is not a beggar. While whole town knows that he is the doyen of that where other existing Medias had written a feature story of him.

Totally angst with that Gaga and I took into shoe of Angry Young Man Jimmy in John Osborne’s Play.

Gave up that idea and went back to office. It foreshadowed my future as a journalist where I have to deal with all kind of people and society.

After a week I saw Ap Dorji and was quite shocked to see him in the town in that same place. Was quite skeptic yet very curious to do a follow up on my previous story.

So I went to him and continued to ask like I did before. But this time he refused to answer me like that gaga did to me.

His undulating behavior offended me and recollected myself on how I approached him before. Suddenly I came to know that I forgot to give him money, which I did before.

During my last interview I gave him money and then continued with our conversations. However he refused me to give interview even after giving him money as he knew that his story would come on paper.

Even today I can see him begging who was supposed to go to faraway Lhakhang and dedicate himself in dharma.

Too many rhetoric questions are there about this gradual increase in the number of beggars in the town. Some might beg as it might be their last refuge while few are physically strong enough to do agricultural activities back in their village.

I feel that people are too much attracted to urban lives as they abandon their native homes. While on other side government tries to curb it by providing them with Kidu lands and agricultural incentives.

Moreover there will be a new civil society organization that will also help in controlling the growth of beggars in the regions. With the help of some other stake holders they will provide free homes and kind of stipend to them monthly.

But they would be verified with their background and would provide them with aid only if they are under poverty level.

Still the question of whether he was a socialist beggar is still a question for me.


  1. Dear,
    A very sensitive issue. Thanx for bringing in such stories. In fact I am with you when it comes to begging. As you said there are many strong men who can better go home and do the agricultural work rather than begging in the town. I call them "potential beggars". I often see a layman with a red scarf fastened over his neck going for begging. He often use to come to my home for begging. I would sit down with him and tell him that he could better be off with agriculture than begging. But he would say that he goes the easiest way. This is what is happening with our people. While we protect the happiness of the people, we must also ensure that there are less beggars. I am following you dear..keep posting...especially your experience as a media

    1. Thank you dude.... your comments and simple view on my blog inspires me to write more.

  2. True, there are beggars, healthy, strong and able..... yet begging for they came abandoning their home to be a part of dirtily evolving urban life and resort to begging... i personally fell number of beggars are increasing...... demanding this GNH country's caretakers to look into the matter and sort out the situation....... great one buddy... keep on......:)

  3. Thank you so much. keep reading my blog :)


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